Product Concurrent Engineering

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You are welcome in the site of the Network of the University of Patras for Product and Machine Concurrent Engineering (PROCEN). Network is funded by University of Patras and its formation is the result of collaboration of three (3) laboratories of School of Engineering.
During the last decades, the development of new products and machines is based on new design methodologies. The latter, starting from the very early design phases and ending up with the detailed design stages, take into account concurrently and continuously the available manufacturing technologies. This approach succeeds in keeping very low the number of required design iterations and results finally to small development times and considerably low costs. Additionally, it offers many advantages and offers considerable social, environmental and finacial profits.
Among the targets set by PROCEN Network, the main target is the coordinated promotion of the idea of concurrency of product development in both academia and industry. In order to obtain it, some major activities will be implemented in the form of  workshops, discussions and lectures and   initiatives will be undertaken for forming research and application proposals.
The present site intends to become a place for providing information regarding news and events (conferences, meeting, workshops, etc.) in the field of concurrent engineering. Within this context, any suggestions and comments that could contribute towards better site structuring and more efficient network operation will be always welcome.

Argyris Dentsoras

Network coordinator



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